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Johhan Fredersen
Johhan Fredersen, the corporate CEO

Web Design / Web Development

Several years ago I needed a website for my company. After checking out a few companies to build it, I decided I could do it myself. So I did. Then as my family and friends found out, so I go to do theirs. Now I have branched out and built websites for Christian ministries, political candidates, and other small businesses. Not sure how all of these get along, but it works.

Building websites is not my full time job, but I enjoy the challenge to design websites and feed my life long desire to be in marketing and advertising. I remember growing up wondering what I could do to get others to buy what I was selling. I'm getting pretty good.

All of my work is written in HTML code and open-sourced Javascript. I do not use templates, so if there is an idea or style you like, I try to immulate it the best I can. When finished, it all belongs to you and you get all the support and online files.

Check out the work in my portfolio and contact me so we can get started.

Contact me with Skype Frtiz Lang’s Metropolis I chose my background image from Frtiz Lang’s 1927 movie “Metropolis”. I really liked the airplane. This movie has been called the first true masterpiece of science fiction in film. You can see it's influence in films such as Star Wars and The Matrix. Learn more.


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